Elco Burners HGC


Hot air generators

The “HGC” air draught generator line is used in all those applications where it is required a direct air heating during industrial process.
The assembly is made up of a duct section with suitable materials resistant to temperature and/or treated fluid, a “DBC” burner correctly dimensioned and assembled, in order to allow the best exchange between combusted gas and process air.
External to the duct there are the control board with flame control equipment, the interception and regulation gas train and the flame detector.
Comburent air can be supplied by an electro-blowing fan suitable dimensioned, which carries the comburent to the mixing head through a duct.
The combustion air can be obtained also by process, using an “Open Back” module (DBO). In this case, a part of the process fluid is conveyed to the mixing head by means of an increase in speed, due to a narrowing of the channel in which the burner is located. This application is possible only when oxygen level is higher than 19% during the process fuel.
This direct exchange gas burner series is extremely flexible and allows an installation in a large number of operating conditions, classified according to the working temperature and to the operation type of fuel and comburent flow.


  • Main module direct electrical ignition by electrode; or indirect by a pilot incorporated in burner structure
  • Flame detection with ionization electrode or UV cell
  • Standard executions for methane (LPG and other gases on request)
  • Gas modulant regulation
  • Available as complete version with gas train and control board in compliance with EN 746-2 (other regulations if required)


  • All types of application in which a large exchange surface between combustion gas and process air is required, and it’s necessary a fast and uniform mixing
  • Ceramic, bricks, refractory: intermittent and continuous dryers
  • Surfaces treatment: painting kilns, enamelling kilns and dryers
  • Printing and packing: air heaters for rotogravures, flexographic and coupling and adhesive coating machines
  • Food: cereal, fodder and tobacco dryers, roasters
  • All intermittent and continuous dryers