Elco Burners SSDBD


Self standing air duct burners - Dual line

The air duct burners series “SSDBD” is used in every type of industrial processes where it is required the direct heating of ducted air.
The package is composed by a modular burner properly dimensioned and assembled in order to guarantee the best heat exchange between the process air and the combustion products.
At the bottom part of the burner body it will be created an air box that will compose the structure of burner. The air box, made with a modular structure like the burner itself, is composed by reinforced stainless or carbon steel and
houses the special process air fans, properly dimensioned for the duct burner feeding.
The gas train is fixed to the burner structure under the airbox and is housed along the entire length of the burner.
The junction box containing the transformer igniter and the terminal board is fixed on a side of the burner structure.
The control panel is supplied separately from the burner (not assembled to the structure) and complete with the multi-polar wire for the connection to the junction box (standard cable length 5 m, other lengths on request).
The ignition of the duct burner is preferentially done with a pilot burner; the two main steps, ignition and operation, are managed by the flame control installed inside the control panel.
The burner unit is supplied with supporting foots for a vertical installation.
No installation works are required in place except connection to gas and electricity.

  • Ignition of the main burner through integrated pilot
  • Flame detection with ionization electrode (one for length up to 1200 mm, two for higher burner lengths) or with UV cell (optional)
  • Standard executions for methane (LPG and other fuels on request)
  • Regulation: gas modulant, with by-pass for discharge procedures of the dryer
  • Thermoregulator (optional) floating or analog positionable on the control board
  • Complete version with gas train according to EN 746-2 (other regulations if required) and control panel
  • Max inlet comburent air: 70°C
  • All types of application in which a large exchange surface between exhaust gases and process air is required and to have a fast and uniform mixing, in particular cereals dryers
  • All those applications in which a direct exchange gas burner at large regulation and automatic working is required