Elco Burners MVRT


Metallic Volumetric for Radiant tube

The “MVRT” range offers blown-air burners suitable to work with natural gas; versions for LPG, lean gas and gas with low calorific power are available on request.
These burners are designed for installation in all processes where it is necessary to obtain a deeply oxidizing combustion to limit the working temperature.
The completely automatic operation allows regulations with high/low flame or air/gas modulating; this last version gives the possibility to obtain max÷min regulation ratio up to 10:1.
The maximum thermal potentiality is 800 kW (688000 kcal/h) while the minimum can come up to 7 kW (6000 kcal/h).
Combustion air temperature required for this burner can vary from room temperature up to 100 °C.
Particular attention has been dedicated to the CO and NOx emissions produced by the combustion process.
Burner structure of model MVRT 70, 140 and 280 is painted casting, with body in cast iron, and the back in aluminium; the burner body of model 520 and 800 is made out of carbon steel. All parts in direct contact with the flame are made of refractory steel and Nickel-Chrome alloys.
The burner has ignition and flame detection electrodes, pressure switch to measure air and gas instantaneous flows, and flame indicating light.

  • Burner for radiant tube to heat liquid tanks
  • Direct spark ignition, ionization flame detection electrode
  • Combustion head for natural gas; LPG and other gases on request
  • Turn down ratio 10:1
  • Available as complete version with gas train, according to EN746-2 on right or left hand
  • Easy to install, start and operate
  • All types of kilns, suitable for oxidative, stoichiometric or reducing combustion
  • Bricks, refractory:
    - roller kilns, tunnel kilns, intermittent kilns, melting kilns
    - continuous and intermittent dryers
  • Iron metallurgic industry
  • Surfaces treatment
  • Printing and packing: air heaters for rotogravures, flexographic and coupling and adhesive coating machines
  • Food: cereal dryers, roasters
  • Drying tobacco
  • And furthermore, for any application which requires a wide regulation automatic gas burner, capable of operating in a strong vacuum or with strong counter-pressure