Elco Burners HTC, HTS, HTI


Intensive High/Medium Speed

The “HTC” (with concrete casting cone), “HTS” (with silicon carbide burner cone) and “HTI” (with steel flame tube) gas burner are blown-air burners that can operate with natural gas, LPG, lean gas and gas with low calorific power (on request).
The operation can be automatic or semi-automatic, and the burners are equipped with electric ignition and detection electrode.
These burner series are classified as “high/medium speed gas burners”, with exhaust gases speed coming out from the flame cone from few m/s to 100 m/s, or even higher values according to the outlet diameter of the burner cone.
Combustion air temperature ranges from room temperature to 100 °C.
Because of its flexibility, these burners can be adjusted with a wide capacity range from 10:1 to 15:1 depending on the capacity of the burner.

  • Direct spark ignition, ionization flame detection electrode (UV cell under request)
  • Multifuel combustion head for natural gas and LPG
  • Turn down ratio from 10:1 to 15:1 depending on the capacity of the burner
  • Available as packaged execution, with gas train according to EN 746-2 (or other required), on right or left hand
  • Easy to install, start and operate
  • Supply available with the burner only or as dual bloc version
  • All types of kilns, suitable for oxidative, stoichiometric or reducing combustion:
    - roller kilns, tunnel kilns, intermittent kilns, melting kiln
    - continuous and intermittent dryers
  •  Iron metallurgic industry
  • Surface treatment
  • Printing and packing: air heaters for rotogravures, flexographic and coupling and adhesive coating machines
  • Food: roasters
  • Drying tobacco
  • And furthermore, for any application which requires a wide regulation automatic gas burner, capable of operating in a strong vacuum or with strong counter-pressure


HTC Range (concrete casting cone):

HTS Range (silicon carbide casting cone):