Elco Burners MB LMT HCA


High Ratio Regulation

The “MB LMT HCA” (Mono-Block Low Medium Temperatures Hot Combustion Air) gas burner series, thanks to a light and handy structure combined with reduced overall dimensions, is ideal for all the installations requiring a compact and silent combustion group with high turn-down ratio and a maximum temperature of process up to 600°C.
The burner structure is in carbon steel, while the parts in contact with the flame are in refractory steel and in nickel-chrome alloys. The burner body is insulated and covered by a protective metallic layer to prevent heat dispersion. The burner is able to receive hot air as comburent till a maximum temperature of 250°C and a minimum content of oxygen in the comburent air of 20%.
The gas train and the automatic burner control unit are located externally to the burner, with orientation that can be defined according to the installation requirements.
The comburent air is usually provided under pressure by a fan, not included in the supply.
Maximum thermal power is 700 kW (600.000 kcal/h) and minimum thermal power is 9 kW (9.740 kcal/h).
The completely automatic operation allows different regulation controls such as on/off, high-low flame, modulating on gas or modulating on ratio; this last control system allows to reach a turn-down ratio of 20:1 with neutral combustion chamber.

  • Direct spark ignition, ionization flame detection electrode
  • Standard for natural gas (LPG on request)
  • Turn down ratio 20:1
  • Available as packaged execution, with gas train according to EN 746-2 (or other required), on right or left hand
  • Easy to install, start and operate
  • Bricks, refractory: roller dryers, tunnel dryers, continuous and intermittent dryers
  • Textile: stenters, polymerisers, printings dryers
  • Surface treatment: painting dryers and kilns
  • Paper: air heaters, for hood and dryers
  • Converting: air heaters for rotogravures, flexographic and coupling and adhesive coating machines
  • Food: cereal dryers, roasters, band ovens for bakeries
  • Environment: dryers for biomass, movable conveyor dryers, belt dryers