Elco Burners Eurofuel Meeting

Eurofuel Meeting

Last week we had the honor of hosting, in collaboration with F.I.D.A. S.R.L., the first Eurofuel meeting in Italy.
Eurofuel (The European Heating Oil Association) represents organizations that promote the use of heating oil and liquid fuels for domestic heating in Europe and can count on the membership of over 10000 companies from 10 European countries.
Two days of fruitful meetings at the F.I.D.A. facility and in our headquarters in Resana allowed us to share information and best practices and to discuss the present and future of liquid heating fuel, a topic of fundamental importance in our business, especially in this very challenging moment.
At the same time, this event was an excellent opportunity for the Burners Division of Ariston Group to demonstrate its strong commitment to the development of products equipped with low polluting emission technologies and capable of working with alternative and renewable liquid fuels. The continuous research and development activity that takes place in our laboratories is what gives us the opportunity to achieve the goal of being, as always, promoters of innovation and leading players in the future of our industry.