Elco Burners VARIATRON

To improve the performance of heating or industrial systems, ELCO applies Variatron (fan speed control).

Conventionally, the air in modulating burners is regulated by an air flap. In the partial load range, a large amount of the air pressure generated by the ventilator goes to waste. With speed regulation, the speed of the combustion-air fan is varied continuously depending on the burner output required. Full speed is reached only at maximum burner output. In the predominant partial load range, the lower speed translates into significant reductions in power consumption and noise emissions.
The Variatron operates in phase with the air damper both with the GEM System and with the AGP System, which guarantees a combustion with minimum air excess by continuously monitoring all operating conditions.
Application of the Variatron to ELCO burners results in:

  • electrical consumption savings of the order of 50%;
  • turndown ratio of up to 1:10, resulting in perfect adaptation to system requirements and improvement in average seasonal efficiency, in particular with condensing or low-temperature boilers or specific processes;
  • silent start-up and average overall noise reduction between 2 dB(A) (at maximum power) and 12 dB(A) (at minimum power).