Elco Burners GEM SYSTEM

The use of electronic technologies in burner control systems helps to reduce running costs, improve reliability of operation and lower pollutant emissions. The electronic combustion manager used on ELCO burners are responsible not only for burner control (formerly the task of the traditional automatic combustion control unit) but also for fuel/air regulation. Data stored electronically has replaced the mechanical characteristic curve and help to achieve an unprecedented level of precision in air/fuel ratio regulation across the burner’s entire control range, a prerequisite for efficient, energy- and cost-saving operation.
The GEM System controls the position of one or more activators simultaneously. The servomotors of the air flow and oil components are controlled by a microprocessor which contains set points defined for each load curve. An additional advantage of the GEM is that it provides specific information on all the commands and states of the overall system: these can be accessed directly or by remote control.
The digital programming is user-friendly, it is carried out through the display of the MDE2 System or through a PC by using a simple procedure facilitated by easy instructions in a clear language.