Elco Burners AGP SYSTEM

Developed and produced by ELCO, the AGP System (proportional air-gas) provides:

  • perfect stability of the air-gas mixture;
  • a constantly high CO2 content over the whole burner power range;
  • precise control of air excess, which is important for high-efficiency operation, in particular for condensing generators.

The AGP measures: 

  • the gas pressure downstream of the gas train;
  • the air pressure behind the flame holder;
  • the furnace backpressure.

Any variations in the three pressures are immediately and simultaneously recorded by the system which automatically restores the correct gas/combustion air ratio.

AGP maintains a constant gas/combustion air ratio even in the presence of:
  • variations in air flow due to changes in the electrical supply voltage or fouling of the ventilation system;
  • variations in the furnace and flue draft pressure on start-up and during load changes.